A Plat what? A Platform? As in trains?

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Platform is the latest buzzword  or phrase in literary circles.  Agents and Publishers will frequently ask ‘What’s your platform like?’

A Platform is what every budding author needs to help market their book.

But what is a Platform?

Basically it is your network. The fanbase and points of entry that you can showcase your work through. Nearly everybody has some form of network.

Platform will bring all of these together in a powerful medium to boost awareness and sales of your precious works of literary art.

Having been successful in Marketing and Sales for over a decade now, especially in media, I’ve pulled together some useful hints and tips on increasing your presence.

Below are some useful ideas on developing your own individual Platform.

Yes the majority of these tips are web based so you will need to dust off the old keyboard.

But they will have an impact and are proven to work.

Here goes :

Increase your web presence:

Create a testimonial page on your website

Retweak the SEO on your site

Ask fans to post their reviews on your Facebook page

Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon

Ask fans to post their reviews on Goodreads

Sign up for Twitter

Clean up your social footprint

Create an author FB page and use it instead of your profile

Sign up for Google Authorship

Offer bloggers advanced reading copies

Go on an online book tour

Create a book launch team

Host Q+A sessions on Google+

Create Facebook Friday videos

Register as an author on Amazon

Register as an author on Goodreads

Create a book trailer

Get a new Author Website

Create a hashtag for your next book

Build your fan base:

Start a FB campaign to increase your fans

Start a Google Campaign to increase traffic to your site

Start a controversial web series

Link up with other writers for your controversial web series

Start weekly twitter chats with readers

Keyword your blog posts

Create a monthly newsletter

Create an affiliate program

Host guest bloggers

Become a guest blogger

Create business cards with your web address on them and hand them out

Put your photo on your business card for stronger branding

Start commenting on other blogs (early and often)

Host regular author hangouts on Google+

Host regular author interviews on Google+

Record your Google+ hangouts and put them on YouTube

Get social media coaching

Cultivate Community:

Create an online community with a forum

Say thank you to readers with special incentives for being a fan

Ask your reading community to design merchandise for your store

Create a fan page for your main character (works well if they are in a series)

Ask fans to create their own book trailers and post them online

Offer core fans advanced copy of future books

Ask fans to post pictures of “character spottings”

Offer “extra features” on your website

Use Twitter hashtags

Poll your readers and listen to what they say

Answer all your blog comments

Engage with your fans on FB

Ask your fans to post pictures of them reading your book

There are more things that we can do of course, but all of the above are a great start.

Neil Sehmbhy is a budding young author from a little town that calls itself a city and changes everyday. Author of the forthcoming Corporation,  Jinx and Sunder novels he loves reading , writing and cheese toasties.


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