Mactweet-A Modern Scottish Play


Scene one

1st Witch:@Witch3 @witch2 what’s up

2nd Witch:@witch1 @witch3 Chilling #at the heath

3rd Witch:@witch1 @witch3 Dinner later? # eye of newt? nom nom

1st Witch:@witch2 @witch3 mischief first #stir things up at the heath

2nd Witch:@witch1 @witch3 I’m in

1st Witch:@witch2 @witch3 ok

3rd Witch:@witch1 @witch3 #Decent

Scene two

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth where are you?

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Up by the heath talking prophecy# Thane thing

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth sounds busy

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 More money #share the wealth

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Sounds good #Thane wife

Scene three

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Boom!  Witches right#thane

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth We going for king?

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Daft Duncan is king #stay loyal

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Simple solution #knife in the dark

Macbeth: @Ladymac1 talk over dinner # caught a wild boar hmm

Scene four

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Out of hand #too much killing

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Why?

Lady Macbeth: @theMacbeth Hands are filthy #out damn spot

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Sorry honey. Appreciate you stepping in.

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth can’t get them clean.

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Oh!

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Think I’m losing it #murder

Macbeth: @Ladymac1 Sorry but needed to be done. You’ll be fine.

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Hmmmm. And your Ok?

Macbeth:@LadyMac1 Your right I am a bit shook up #Banquo’s ghost

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth I keep sleep walking and washing my hands # really guilty

Macbeth:@ladymac1 Can’t sleep either. Keep seeing ghosts with knives

Lady Macbeth:@themacbeth What shall we do?# can’t take it

Macbeth: @Ladymac1 Nothing.He asked for it. Don’t care I deserve it.

Scene five

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Can you tweet from beyond the grave?

Lady Macbeth: @theMacbeth Sort of. You ok? Sorry had to end it. Couldn’t cope.

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 You were too soft.

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Will everything be ok? #ambition

Macbeth: @Ladymac1 Witches said it’s fine. As long as woods don’t move and people are born without women #crazy ladies

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Sounds good. Bit confusing though and those witches are trouble.

Macbeth:@Ladymac1 Sure it will be fine.

Lady Macbeth:@theMacbeth Got to go. Hell’s calling.

Scene six

Macbeth: @Forestrycommision what’s going on with the woods? I don’t pay my taxes for this crap.

MacDuff: @theMacbeth Games up Chap.

Macbeth: @Macduff1057 Twat. Get lost or I’ll do you! Natural born men can’t kill me # Prophecy on my side.

MacDuff: @theMacbeth Ever heard of a Caesarean? Nothing natural here pal #stab

Macbeth: Bugger #arrrrgh.


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