How Agents work and How to work with Agents

An excellent article regarding Agents. Something that we all aspire to is getting published, so time for some research.

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Is it really necessary to use the services of a publishing agent?

Except for those publishing houses which deal exclusively with agents, authors don’t really need an agent to submit their work for publication consideration. In Canada, just to name one country, very few book deals are done by agents, only under five percent.  An author can do everything an agent does, though an agent might have better knowledge of the market and what the publishing houses are buying.




For those writers who might think they need an agent have a look at the do’s and don’ts of both sides:

  • Reputable agents will not charge you a fee up front to represent your book. They earn their living by selling your book to a publisher and gaining a commission. That commission is a percentage of the proceeds your book earns. For one thing, this gives the…

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