Sunder -Introduction


I am known as Coren by many and Dedarun by few… but my true name remains hidden. Only my mother calls me by my birth name, but she now sleeps in fires warm embrass.

I have stolen treasure from slumbering beasts and followed the footsteps of ancient mages tracing forbidden knowledge.

I have studied with the faerie and razed their city down to the ground. I have spent a lifetime with the Gaeoblin and left with tin whistle and my wits.
For what seemed like years I taught at the College of Winter, deep in its icy embrace, to students thrice my age, with none of my skill.

I’ve fashioned moonbeams and starlight, to tread roads that others dare not follow. I have talked to ancient kings, lost true love, and crafted wonder’s the world has never seen.
I have tracked down the Yrath and heard their tale.

If you have ever listened to the flames dancing, you may have heard them crackle my name… I am Kullervo and this is my tale.

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