Guest blog Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Guest blog today is a poem by Emma Finlayson-Palmer an fantastic writer of children’s stories,poems and fantasy fiction. She has a love of all things vampire and you can follow her blog on



Chaos ruled at breakfast
As crunchy cornflakes flew.
Toast and tea and crumpets,
And a small pool of sticky goo!

Scoffing and slurping and shouting
Was the usual affair.
Arguments would always be started,
While others did not have a care.

The cat poked its head round the doorway
To survey the food in the house,
Quickly retreated to safety
And decided to go catch a mouse.

“Where are my keys?” “Where’s my coat?”
“Is that my socks you’re wearing?”
Questions that are frequently asked
Whilst parents refrain from swearing.

Keys are found, we’re outward bound,
Heading towards the front door.
Careful now, mind that toy car.
Wheee! You’re in a heap on the floor!

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