Far Seeing

We all enjoy a modicum of escapism,  and one of the most talented historical fiction writers I know @amyhparr is not dissimilar. Knowing her love for all things Marvel I create this flash fiction for her in the build up to the release of Thor 2.


Odin wiped both hands on his apron as he glanced over at the sleeping forms of Villi and Ve. Brown earth crusted over his hands and collected under his finger-nails, his palms pierced by splinters. Observing what he and his brothers had created Odin sat legs swaying over the edge of the world. Slumping, the human’s head hung down as though drunk, silent under Yggdrasil. No matter. Over time chests would swell, backs would straighten and both man and woman would hold their heads high. Mankind would rise to unimaginable heights if nourished correctly.
As Odin leaned back, the sunlight washed over him softly leaching his tiredness away. Standing up he stretched towards the sky before washing his hands in a bucket. Clear water clouded brown and red as he pondered the future of Man. Would he and his brothers become meaningless if Man grew beyond their control?
Wind blew the across the land wrapping itself over the sleeping forms of Villi and Ve, rattling against his mighty frame. Apart from the wind’s howls the cliff-top in Asgard was quiet. His insides twisted as he realised the limits of his ambition. One day Odin would be powerless. Man would never be his own and the supposed sovereigns could turn servant.
The All father stood – farseeing and alone – on the brink, looking out to the swirling depths. Another gust threw dust in his eyes and covered the remnants of the trees that had borne man in a haze of soil. Squinting up to the sky for relief and through a tangle of eye-lashes and shadowed lids, he saw a raven beginning to descend towards his outstretched arm.

Neil Sehmbhy is a very excited for Christmas and has asked for Mjollnir,  a suit of armour and a jar of peanut butter (don’t ask).
Author of countless published short stories and flash fictions,  he has finished his first novel Corporation and is now working on a fantasy series The Sundered Path. Follow him on twitter @neilsehmbhy and on Pinterest at


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