Creating Emotional connections with your characters.



It was written all over her face! !

Whenever we speak to people, the first thing we notice is their face. It is a focal point. Homing in, we connect with a person’s gaze, noticing how their eyes widen, squint, focus inward or dart. We observe their mouth, noting lip presses, teeth flashes, frowns, smiles and pursed lips. Eyebrow lifts, the forehead crinkling and relaxing…each facial micro movement is a message, a clue to what the person is thinking and feeling. When writing it is important so that we pay attention to facial cues whilst describing character emotion right? Wrong actually, well the opposite really. While the face might offer hundreds of micro expressions in real life, to translate these split-second gestures into a strong emotional description is hard.

Don’t get me wrong…the face is important! The facial description is always the first thing the reader uses to build a connection with…

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