Four links that will help you write Sci-Fi and Fantasy better.


There’s always something that can spark our imaginations as writers, but we also need the right resources to help polish work.

Below are a few fantastic links that I wanted to share and I hope they help you, as they have helped me.
Brandon Sandersons lectures on writing fantasy. You don’t get asked to finish of the Wheel of Time series if you haven’t got serious skills.

Bring more structure to your writing the George. R. Martin way.
The publishers of Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett, Random House & Orion, review the YouWriteOn Top 10 Budding Authors every month throughout the year. Free to join and enter. Upload & review and rate chapters & short stories & yours are reviewed in return with the highest rated receiving leading publisher feedback.

Not many institutions of higher learning offer programs in science fiction. The Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas is one of them. Their vision is stated clearly and unequivocally on their home page: “We are working to save the world through science fiction! To help achieve this, we have built a comprehensive program to serve SF students, educators, scholars, and fans, and through this extend the influence of this literature of change and the human species onto the world at large.”

Four links are enough for this brief blog, let me know if you found them useful. If you have any links that you find are helpful please share in the comments box.


Neil Sehmbhy is an writer from the Midlands, UK who has an unhealthy infatuation with cheese toasties. Author of the forthcoming novels, Beyond the Gate and The Sundered Path please follow him on twitter @neilsehmbhy.


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