Non human traffic

Non-human traffic – Rules for smuggling (The intergalactic kind).
1. Those in charge make the rules.
Those words resonate in my head. It’s what my Godfather tells me when he finds me stowed away in the cargo hold of his ship, the Tomitoa, or the tomato as I called it when I was younger, back when I dreamed of travelling through space, anything but grubbing in the yellow soil and trying to cultivate the Homestead.

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The man with the Red Coat.

Since the man in the red coat had appeared, two span ago, there were rumours, whispers on the wind that he was back. Sinterklass was back. Curiosity turned to fear and fear to hate. Soon every one in the streets spoke venomously about the man in the red coat and a bounty had been put on his head for 1000 guilders

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