Confession of an Evil Genius.

This is a sub 500 word flash fiction piece first published online on the It’s a fun piece,  well fun to write anyway, that tells a tale against bullying the clever kid in school. Be kind to Geeks everyone.  I’m a self confessed geek and we are great.


You know me. You’ve seen my face on the TV news feeds, read about my sinister antics on the internet.

I am a liar, a coward, a lecher, a thief, a scoundrel, a wretch, and a thousand other such titles befitting a man such as me. I am a pox on the face of the Earth! I am a plague!

But I tell you, I wasn’t always like this, haven’t always been like this.

Once upon a time ,I grew up like you, in a 3 bedroom house in suburbia. Just like you I did my chores, mowed the lawn, went to school, ate my greens. Not necessarily in that order.

I was the kid that walked to and from school on his own. I was the kid that sat at the front of the class. I was the kid that loved science, history, mathematics.

I was the kid picked last in gym class. I was the kid that was punched and beat and trapped in his locker.

This was all fine though as I still had my home, I still had my family and my work.

Mom was neurologist and Dad was a physicist so we always had plenty of lab equipment lying about.

Probably not like you.

We had our own lab, the garage extended down the side of the house and deep into our garden.

It was a paradise, an oasis from all the taunts, threats and fists.

Here I had my own space to play, tinker and invent. I was going to change the world. The dream machine. Ever heard of it ? I invented that. It never made the mainstream though. Same as the anti gravity roller skates and the self buttering toaster.

Oh the joy I felt, the euphoria I experienced when a new idea formed and was born in the crucible of my creative paradise.

But they had to take it to far,They! Yes they! Your kind!

The ignorant, sheep like, insensitive, narrow minded people. Like you! Bullies!

How dare someone be different!

How dare he not like sports!

How dare he be too shy and geeky to talk to girls !

One day my tormentors took it too far.

They followed me home throwing petrol soaked tennis balls, burning through the windows of my home.

They wanted to teach me a lesson for being too bright.

The fires spread quickly, even to the lab and soon the inferno was raging, out of control.

I barely survived, pushed out of a top floor window by my parents as the flames consumed them.

The glass shards still bear their mark on my face torn and twisted ‘hideous’ you call it on TV. The flames singed all my hair off and blackened my soul.

Now I terrorise the World as they terrorised me, my inventions inducing panic.

So judge me, tear at me, prosecute me, declare my wickedness. Die with me.

I am what they made me.

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