Caution! Off scene events may affect your story.


 Written by Neil Sehmbhy

What happens when your Main Characters are not in the scene, can affect your story. How do you make sure this doesn’t cause problems?


Art: By Sven Auer

Point of View is an important part of your story. The character or the narrator of a scene has a particular spot from which it views the events taking place. It does not matter how many points of view (POV) you include, it is not viable for you to capture all of the events that might influence the story. Even simple children’s stories have unanswered questions:

Why didn’t the little pigs go back to their mother? 
Who told Humpty Dumpty that sitting on the wall was a good idea?
What was Red Riding Hood’s Mother doing, whilst she was running around  the forest being followed by the wolf?

So what constitutes “off scene” action?

Basically anything that impacts…

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